sight [sīt]
[ME siht < OE (ge)siht < base of seon, to SEE1]
a) something seen; view
b) a remarkable or spectacular view; spectacle
c) a thing worth seeing usually used in pl. [the sights of the city]
2. the act of seeing; perception by the eyes
3. a view; look; glimpse
4. any of various devices used to aid the eyes in lining up a gun, optical instrument, etc. on its objective
5. aim or an observation taken with mechanical aid, as on a sextant or gun
6. the faculty or power of seeing; vision; eyesight
7. mental vision or perception
8. range or field of vision
9. mental view; opinion; judgment [a hero in our sight]
10. Informal any person or thing of a strikingly unpleasant or unusual appearance
11. Dial. a large amount; great deal [a sight better than fighting]
12. obs. var. of INSIGHT
1. to observe or examine by taking a sight
2. to catch sight of; see
3. to bring into the sights of a rifle, etc.; aim at
a) to furnish with sights or a sighting device
b) to adjust the sights of
5. to aim (a gun, etc.) using the sights
1. to take aim or an observation with a sight
2. to look carefully in a specified direction [sight along the line]
1. read, done, understood, etc. quickly and easily as soon as seen
2. due or payable when presented [a sight draft]
a sight for sore eyes
Informal a person or thing that is pleasant to see; welcome sight
at first sight
when seen or considered for the first time
at sight or on sight
1. when or as soon as seen
2. Commerce upon demand or presentation
by sight
by appearance; by recognizing but not through being acquainted
catch sight of
1. to make out by means of the eyes; discern; see
2. to see briefly; glimpse
lose sight of
1. to fail to keep in sight; see no longer
2. to fail to keep in mind; forget
not by a long sight
1. not nearly
2. not at all
out of sight
1. not in sight
2. far off; remote
3. Informal beyond reach; unattainable; extremely high, as in standards, price, etc.
4. Slang excellent; wonderful
out of sight of
1. not in sight
2. not close or near to; remote from
sight unseen
without seeing (the thing mentioned) beforehand

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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